What is Screed

It is quite simply a thin, top layer of material laid over a concrete subfloor. That is traditionally made up of sharp sand and cement, similar to concrete, but without the aggregate (stone)

Its purpose is to provide a smooth, flat surface that other finishing material, such as tiles or carpet, to be laid on top of. It is the ideal choice for covering underfloor heating pipes.

Wright Mix Screed

At Wright mix we only supply the traditional sand and cement screed and pride ourselves on its flexibility, quality and ease of use.

Wright Mix provides a 4-1 screed, meaning it is made up of 4-parts washed sharp sand and 1-part CEM II A-LL cement mix and is supplied to BS8204

As our screed is a dry mix batched on site, it is provided with a Cemex MR800 water reducing ad-mixture which helps to slow down the setting time, giving approximately 8 hours of working time from delivery.

The screed is also provided with glass fibre reinforcing which helps to Reduce early induced cracking.

Manufacturers and suppliers generally recommend a floor depth of 65mm with an over pipe depth of 50mm. With these depths being greater than some other screed products, it retains the heat for longer, making it more energy efficient.

Once laid our screed dries at approximately 1mm per day.
We are able to enhance this drying time with the addition of an admixture.
Please give our office a call if you would like any further information.

If there is anything which you are unsure about, please look at our download section where we have more information available.


Wright Flow 10mm - A self compacting concrete that is a state of the art free flowing concrete used primarily for underfloor heating floor slabs, finished floors for large housing projects and small extensions where finishing the floor to the existing floor is a priority

Wright Flow 20mm - A highly fluid concrete designed to flow around footings and congested steel work in heavily reinforced areas. It is a self compacting properties negating the need to vibrate the concrete, reducing noise and manual handling.

Wright Flow Screed – A highly fluid screed, which flows effortless leaving a high quality finished floor eliminating the need for power floating. Ideal for thinner floor between 40-75mm, offering quicker drying time at 40mm

Wright Mix Aqua-Flow – This is a permeable concrete which improves storm water management by improving drainage, reducing water run off. It has a compressive strength of 20N with air voids of 18-30%. Ideal for Driveways, Tennis Courts, Swimming pool decks and pavement edge drains. It Can also be used for a sub base for resin driveways.

Wright Mix Rapid – Uses the latest technology in concrete admixtures to ensure the concrete will be as specified in the time frame that you require. We can supply 12hr, 24hr and 48hr mix, with strengths of 30N, 40N and 50N available.

Wright Proof – Water tight concrete - Concrete is naturally porous, this can cause problems for sites that need to stop water penetration through water table contact or harsh weather conditions. WrightProof uses specialist concrete admixtures to reduce the porosity of the concrete. This makes it a usable with full water tight concrete systems, supplied by Triton or Sika they can cope with a wide range of environments.

Wright Print – Pattern and Print concrete mix for driveways available in 10 and 20mm aggregates, also varying in strength.