We Mix On Site

At Wright Mix we operate state of the art ENVIRO VOLUMETRIC CONCRETE MIXERS, capable of delivering 7-8m3 in any one delivery. This allows us to batch your concrete requirement on site and to BSI standards. If you require a bit less, or a bit more, we can accomodate you on site. And you only pay for what you receive.

Only pay for what you receive

The principle is very simple. With 3 material bins comprising one sand, one aggregate and the third being the smallest for cement.

The aggregate and sand pass down a conveyor belt through a series of flow control gates, before entering into the mixing bowl chamber, where the cement is then introduced.

With the introduction of cement, water is also added along with any chemicals required in the mix design and glass fibre reinforcing if required.

The complete material proportions then pass through a very aggressive mixing process which is known as a mix screw. Having a series of paddles, this ensures the concrete is mixed to its maximum potential, achieving a high quality product.

The final product is then discharged from the end of the screw. At this point the ready mix concrete can be dispatched into wheel barrows, pored straight into a foundation or passed through concrete pumps.