WRIGHT MIX Foundations

With Wright Mix Foundations you can be assured of getting the best quality footing concretes. Our concrete is a flexible, durable and economical product designed for the DIY and Commercial applications. With a minimum cement content of between 180 and 220kgs /m3(CEM II A-LL), this concrete can be used for house foundations, garage footings and outbuildings. It can also be used for retaining walls and many other trench fill applications.


  • House foundations
  • Wall footings
  • Domestic garage foundations
  • Retaining wall back fill
  • Conservatory footings


  • Easy to lay and workable
  • Can lay brick and blocks within 24hrs
  • Can be designed to meet sulphate resistance applications

Can meet all NHBC and local council specifications

WRIGHT MIX Floor Slabs

With Wright Mix Floor Slabs there are many different applications. From domestic floor slabs in houses to heavy industrial external and agricultural floors.
All of our floor slabs are batched with the best Cem 1 OPC cement and these cement content can change from? 220kgs to 350kgs/m3. For floor slab applications please feel free to call our team to advise you on your requirements.


  • House floors and over sites
  • Shed bases and patios
  • Conservatory floors
  • Blinding
  • Garage floors
  • Light industrial
  • Agricultural slabs
  • Workshop floors


  • Can be supplied in many slumps for easy workability
  • Excellent floor finishes/ easy to power float on the higher cement contents
  • Highly durable surface
  • Meets all local council requirements and NHBC standards

For all your floor slab requirements the addition of fibre reinforcing can enhance your concrete. Glass Fibre will help reduce plastic shrinkage and durability of the floor slab.

Wright Mix Screed

At Wright mix we only supply the traditional sand and cement screed and pride ourselves on its flexibility, quality and ease of use.

Wright Mix provides a 4-1 screed, meaning it is made up of 4-parts washed sharp sand and 1-part CEM II A-LL cement mix and is supplied to BS8204

As our screed is a dry mix batched on site, it is provided with a Cemex MR800 water reducing ad-mixture which helps to slow down the setting time, giving approximately 8 hours of working time from delivery.

The screed is also provided with glass fibre reinforcing which helps to Reduce early induced cracking.

Manufacturers and suppliers generally recommend a floor depth of 65mm with an over pipe depth of 50mm. With these depths being greater than some other screed products, it retains the heat for longer, making it more energy efficient.

Once laid our screed dries at approximately 1mm per day.
We are able to enhance this drying time with the addition of an admixture.
Please give our office a call if you would like any further information.

If there is anything which you are unsure about, please look at our download section where we have more information available.