WRIGHT MIX Concrete Products

Concrete mixes can use different materials to give similar qualities. Generally, they all include cement, water and then a mixture of sand and stone.

All our concretes are produced using the highest of quality raw materials, using a more environmentally friendly cement (CEM II A-LL). All our concretes conform to BS EN 206 & BS 8500.

There are plenty of purposes for concrete, but not all concrete mixes are the same. Dependant on what you are using the concrete for, you need to choose the correct concrete mix which can meet your requirements.

All the stated concretes are standard mix designs and what they might be used for. If there is anything which you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • P180
  • Basic Foundation / Footing
  • GEN1, C8/C10
  • P200
  • Single story extension, Kerb mix
  • GEN 3
  • P220
  • Pump mix, Double story extension, Sub Floor, Domestic shed base
  • ST2
  • P250
  • Internal floor slab
  • C25/30
  • P280
  • Structural footings, Raft foundations, External floor, Driveway
  • C28/35, ST4
  • P300
  • Stanchion bases
  • P320
  • Pattern imprinted concrete
  • C35/45
  • P340
  • Agricultural Traffic
  • C40/50
  • P380
  • Heavy Industrial, Structural Road

Understanding the mix

On the P mix, the number after the P signifies the kilograms of cement per cubic metre in each mix. e.g. P180 = 180kg of cement per cube. The higher the number, the higher the cement content, resulting in a stronger concrete.

On the C mix, the number after the C signifies the average Newton strength after 28 days. e.g. C25/30 = 25/30 Newtons after 28 days. The higher the number, the higher the newton strength, resulting in a stronger concrete.

It is also possible to introduce additional materials and chemicals into the mix if special qualities are required.

Fibres – to help prevent early induced cracking

Water Reducing Admixture (WRA) – additive which helps to speed up the curing process by reducing the amount of water used, meaning the concrete can begin to cure faster than usual, and ultimately create a stronger product.

Retardant – to help slow down the setting time of screeds, giving you more time to work.

10mm Aggregate – A reduced stone size