WRIGHT MIX Concrete Products

At Wright mix we operate and control the quality of our concrete to the highest level, with routine calibration and yield testing of our machines right through to concrete cube testing.

All of our concretes are produced using the highest of quality raw materials. Both of our sites use only ordinary Portland cement (CEM 1).

The following concretes are prescribed mix designs and show the minimum cement content required.

All of the above concretes are standard mix designs but if there is any thing that you are not sure about please do not hesitate to call our team.

  • C8/10, GEN 1
  • P180
  • Blinding, Single story extention
  • C12/15, GEN2
  • P200
  • Kirb mix, Blinding, Single story extension
  • C16/20, GEN 3, ST 1
  • P220
  • Single story extension, Hard standing light traffic, shed base, foot traffic pathways, Shed base, domestic house floors
  • C25/30, RC25/30, ST2
  • P250
  • Double story extension, Hard standing, shed base
  • C28/35, RC28/35, ST3, PAV 1
  • P280
  • Hard standing industrial, structural footings, station bases, Raft foundations
  • C35/45, RC35/45, ST4, PAV 2, FND 2
  • P320
  • Hard standing industrial heavy traffic, station bases, Raft foundations. Agricultural traffic (with air entrant and fibre), Form work
  • C40/50, RC40/50, ST4, FND 2
  • P340
  • Heavy industrial, structural road work applications, Agricultural traffic (with air entrant and fibre), Form work
  • P300/360
  • Pattern imprinted concrete 10mm aggregate, air entraint